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Nursing Personnel

  • Ana Ponce, LVN
  • Emily Retana, MA
  • Pedro Sanchez, MA
  • Harold Villafania, MA

Front Office

Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands when you turn to Allergy & Clinical Immunology Medical Group for patient-focused allergy and asthma treatments. Since 1972, we’ve helped patients throughout the area find relief from persistent breathing problems triggered by variables beyond their control. Now, our caring and skilled medical staff in Santa Monica, CA, is ready to help you breathe easier.


Why Choose Us? 

There are so many reasons to choose Allergy & Clinical Immunology Medical Group that it’s hard to name just one. So, we’ll start with our commitment to patient wellness.

As veteran physicians specializing in allergies and immunotherapy, we understand that the causes of allergies and asthma can be complex. We also understand the frustration associated with the treatment process – after all, finding the cause of an allergic reaction can be time-consuming and fruitless. That’s why we provide valuable support and guidance as we search for the treatment you or your child deserve. 

Additionally, we test for a broad variety of allergies that other clinics simply can’t match in terms of numbers. When you turn to our clinic, we can test you or your child for more than 150 different allergens, drastically increasing your chances of finding the cause of your reactions. This makes the process faster and safer.


Tailored to Your Needs 

Many allergy and asthma treatments can help drastically reduce your symptoms, leading to a healthier, happier life. However, not all treatments are right for all patients. 

That’s why our staff takes time to get to know you as an individual, ordering any tests we find reasonable for your complaints. It may take some time to determine the cause of your breathing troubles, but we ask for your patience, as the results can help us diagnose your issue and recommend the best treatment for your needs. 

At Allergy & Clinical Immunology Medical Group, you’re more than just another patient, and we’re more than just another doctor. After all, you’ve chosen to make us a part of your medical family, and we’re honored that you’ve trusted us with your allergy and asthma problems. Our goal is to help you enjoy relief from medical problems that interfere with your everyday life, ultimately making breathing as simple as it should be! 

Contact our medical staff to find out more about our clinic, or to schedule an appointment. We serve families in Santa Monica, California, and nearby areas.

Our Team

We are here to help

  • Ana  Ponce, LVN
    Ana Ponce, LVN
    Licensed Vocational Nurse
  • Emily  Retana, MA
    Emily Retana, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Harold   Villafania, MA
    Harold Villafania, MA
    Medical Assistant
  • Pedro  Sanchez, MA
    Pedro Sanchez, MA
    Medical Assistant


Allergy and Clinical Immunology Medical Group
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Santa Monica, CA 90404
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