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With recent updates to our Telehealth services, it is now easier than ever to connect for a visit! You no longer need to log in to the patient portal or download an app (although you can still connect in those methods). Now, our system will automatically send you a link via text and email that will connect you directly to your on-line visit with Dr. Geller, Dr. Chan, or Dora, our Physician Assistant.

15-20 minutes before your scheduled Telehealth appointment, you will receive a link via text and email. If you would like to connect using your computer (must have Chrome and a camera), simply open your email on your computer and click the "Start Televisit" tab which will take you to a series of questions to answer for your visit. After you answer the questions, click submit and the screen will prompt you for your Vitals. Fill in the information that you know, even if it is just height and weight and then submit. Next will be a start visit tab and once you click on that link, the provider will connect with you!. If you would rather connect for your visit on your smartphone, simply tap on the link in your text messages and follow the same procedures as above.
You will need to enable audio and video when prompted.

There are two consent forms that must be signed in order to use Telehealth. Please print them out and send them back to us at

We are always happy to help you get connected. If you are having trouble or are just nervous about using Telehealth, please give us a call or send a message and we will help you get started!


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